Initial Changelogs

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress changelog (version log)

Older Version Logs

Date & Version
2020.05.11 – 4.18.5
  • Elementor filters – Initialization method changed, because it caused issues with some other Elementor modules.
  • _price_html pseudo variable now working correctly on WPML and custom currency enabled
  • Import from lite – Importing colors and and typography fixes
  • User meta support in advanced title and content fields (__um_field)
  • Improved PDF content indexing method
2020.04.23 – 4.18.4
  • Search instance names now support unicode an other languages (persian, chinese etc..)
  • Fixed an issue with the browser back (pop-state) button, and the search triggers
  • Grouping results: Now the “other” group does not display, when it is empty
2020.03.31 – 4.18.3
  • Switch for taxonomy term filters to exclude terms, which have no posts assigned to them (empty terms)
  • Select2 implementation – fixes with compact box layout, masonry layout and max-height added to the drop-down
2020.03.26 – 4.18.2
  • Chosen script changed to select2, a more up-to-date solution
  • WordPress 5.4 Compatibility test
  • Multiple jQuery version detection on the wrapper script
  • Cache options – Now the cache clear button works correctly
2020.03.15 – 4.18.1
  • Index table – now periodically perfrorms a table defragmentation and optimization trigger during the indexing, for better performance
  • Matintenance – Index table defragmentation and optimization can be manually triggered there
  • Index table – Separated the index and statistics queries for major performance improvements during indexing process
  • Settings box no longer closes on mobile devices unexpectedly when using range slider
2020.03.05 – 4.18
New Features
  • Documentation links now appear on the back-end, when hovering over fieldsets – to find the related documentations for each tab easier.
  • Override issue – Content Type filter is not correctly used
  • Filters API – Changing values in filters is now possible via loops as well
  • Vertical results navigation now correctly jumps 1 item instead of 2
2020.02.05 – 4.17.6
  • Auto CSS minification – fixed an issue where some media query strings does not get minified correctly
  • Enter key actions – Now the “do nothing” action works correctly
  • Internet Explorer (<=11) - Clicking the "X" or the input field on auto-populated results does not re-populate them anymore
  • PeepSo – Searching ungrouped posts/comments now works correctly
2020.01.24 – 4.17.5
  • CSS minification fixes
  • Added a bypass for gif result images
2020.01.23 – 4.17.4
  • Fixed an issue with the Chosen script not properly loaded on the front-end in 4.17.3
  • The back-end preview window now correctly displays the drop-downs
2020.01.22 – 4.17.3
New features
  • Vertical results columns – Now it is possible to change the number of columns of the results container, as well as the minimum column width
  • Required filter fields (taxonomy, custom fields, date, content type) – Fields within the filter can be set to ‘required’ (drop-down, radio, text, date), display a custom text pop-up and does not trigger the search until user interaction
  • Animated gif results images – now only show the first frame in content, and animates on mouse hover
  • Search box top/bottom margin – now possible to adjust individually, old margin option moved to the input field options. New margin under Layout Options -> Search box layout panel.
  • Smaller overall stylesheet files and smart JS loader – CSS rules and JS files re now loaded based on the search configuration – saving up to 60% of bandwidth in some cases.
  • Compatibility Options – Some CSS and JS loading options removed, due to the implementation of automatic asset detection
  • Peepso Activity search – now supports non group activities
  • Smoother animations – the plugin will try to animate only items visible on the viewport
  • Smarter Infinite scroll – now correctly works on horizontal results as well
  • Results and settings shortcode – Now does not display multiple results/settings boxes, if the same search instance is multiple times on the page
2019.12.22 – 4.17.2
New features
  • Custom Field Filters – Not Like and Not Exactly Like operators added
  • Grouping results – Re-ordering the groups by the most relevant results is now possible
  • Results box vertical layout – max height can be set for each device individually
  • Index Table – More intelligent load balacning for the indexing process
  • Search override – Now correctly works with APS Store plugin search
  • Scrollbar – Fixed an initialization issue with the settings checkbox scroll
  • Ordering on the results page – now support more query variables
  • Compact box – Fixed an issue, when redirection is set for the magnifier icon, and the closing is disabled, it automatically redirected to the results page without opening
  • Content type filters – Choose all/none now working correctly
  • Reset button – Now correctly hides the parent->child categories when set
  • Better WP_Filesystem handling and fallback
2019.11.22 – 4.17.1
  • Scrollbar – Updated to the latest version & fixed a scoping issue, where multiple releases present of the same scrollbar script would cause a problem
  • Back-end styling – WP 5.3 introduced new styling for inputs, now correctly displayed on the plugin back-end
  • Ajax Content Type issue – Fixed an issue, where the HTML content type returned was automatically wrapped by some servers with tags, that caused an incorrect output.
  • Search in post IDs – Now correctly working with index table engine
2019.11.04 – 4.17
New features
  • Taxonomy filters – On Parent->Child checkbox structures, the now child elements can be set to hidden, when the parent is unchecked
  • Negative keywords meta box – Adding negative keywords to posts when using the index table engine.
  • Advanced title and content fields – Now support PODS custom table fields. To get a PODs field, use the field name should be prefixed with pods, such as _pods_field_name
  • Image Parser – Set the number of the image to get from the content, as well as exclude file names
  • Image Options – Added a field for taxonomy term images (custom meta field), as well as a default user results image
  • asp_theme_search_form filter detection – Theme developers can now add their search forms via this filter, to support automatic search bar replacement.
  • Removed unused filters like ‘asp_result_title_after_prostproc’ and similar
  • Simplebar – replacement of deprecated mcustomscrollbar
  • Redirection to results page – The get method now does not encrypt the variables
  • APPLE Mobile – “Search” button not redirecting
  • Multisite – Access for multisite blogs within the list is now restricted according to the user level
  • Importing from Lite version – now supports all the latest Lite version options
  • Analytics is now correctly triggered only when the search is finished
  • Replicate – More results not working automatically on IOS devices
  • Compact box and mobile device width calculation fixed
  • Generic filters – warning for index table usage now corrected
  • Re-initialize – Add click triggers for “#menu-item-search”, “.fa-search” and other selectors
  • Security scanner false-positive fixes
  • Input field styles corrected – width and margins
  • Change admin_print_styles to admin_enqueue_scripts
  • .tooltip conflicting style moved
  • Custom field filters: Hidden filter type now working
  • Custom field filters: Multiple (array of) values via the “::” syntax now works for text and hidden fields as well.
  • Back-end styling no longer enqueued when the meta box is disabled
  • Post type filters – Multiselect placeholder now changing correctly
  • Removed unused files: validator.min.css
  • Autocomplete showing private post titles to public
  • Possible security vulnerabilities patched
  • Force hover results on mobile – now works correctly, when the results shortcode is used, or using the block layout
  • Better custom search URL handling and error correction
2019.06.27 – 4.16.2
  • Custom field filters – {get_values} shorthand and the empty ‘select all’ option now working properly
  • Meta boxes – Now properly save on Attachment editor screens
  • Search override – GET and POST method now correctly work
  • WooCommerce & Polylang – Product variations are now shown in the correct language
  • Index Table – The CPT languages are correctly parsed
  • Datepicker UI – Time zone differences are now correctly calculated when selecting the date
2019.06.24 – 4.16.1
  • Reset button – Now correctly resets the slider items
  • Custom field filter – drop-down option group fixed
  • Custom field filter – labels fixed
2019.06.20 – 4.16
  • Filters API – adding, removing and modifying front-end filters via code is now possible
  • JS API – Functions to check if the filters have been changed, and if the filters state is initial
  • PHP API – filters_changed, filters_initial query arguments added, to check if the search arguments have been changed on the front end
  • Reset button – now allows closing the results when clicked
  • WP 5.2 compatibility checked
  • Reset button – correctly resets after redirection
  • Multisite – Fixed a performance related issue, when using the get_site_option and update_site_option functions
  • NoUI slider – Hidden dragger fixed due to incorrect transformation CSS property
2019.04.30 – 4.15.2
  • “date_format” – field parameter for advanced title and content fields, to specify a custom date format. More details in the documentation.
  • From/To custom field date filters – added inclusive options as well, so that the selected date can be included
  • Datepicker fields – allowing empty value as default, as well as adjustable placeholder text
  • Fixed an Elementor override bug – when a search phrase was not defined, the Elementor search archive was not working correctly
  • Themeco X Pro builder – shortcode contents are now correctly indexed
  • “Chosen” drop-down filter z-index fixes
  • Renaming search instances now works correctly
2019.04.16 – 4.15.1
  • Grouping can be set by title, instead of the default ID
  • Taxonomy Term search – Added an option to control search in term titles
  • Advanced Title/Content fields – ‘_price_html’ field with WooCommerce will display the price requested as HTML, including the sale and original price if available.
  • Product variation titles in results -> now using the get_the_title() method instead of the previous bypass. WooCommerce apparently corrected this.
  • Custom field filters – brackets within names of custom fields are now accepted
  • Custom URL for user results now works correctly
  • Back-end file uploader – now attaches to the correct inputs
  • Corrected the input trigger methods, now the search properly cancels/continues where required
  • Reset button – now correctly resets checkbox filters, where all the checkboxes are unchecked by default
  • WooCommerce – Exclude hidden catalog and search product_variations now working correctly
  • Polylang – The plugin now returns taxonomy terms from the correct language
2019.03.13 – 4.15
  • Results box width, margin and snap – floating results box can snap to the left, right or center of the search bar, as well as can have a custom width and margins.
  • Primary and Secondary ordering fields for user results (including custom fields)
  • Percentage values for isotopic item height is now allowed (it’s relative to the container width, not the container height)
  • Custom Field Drop-down filters – now support adding option groups within the drop-down via a simple syntax: ‘This is a group’
  • Custom Field Drop-down filters – now support multiple values within one option, using the ‘::’ delimiter: ‘value1::value2::value3||Option name’
  • Synonyms: Added an option to allow using the synonyms as keywords as well. In case of keyword => (synonym1, synonym2 ..) the words synonym1 and synonym2 .. act as keywords and are synonyms to each other.
  • Search override: Visiting the search results page via URL will automatically trigger the override feature with the default filter values, for the selected search instance
  • Compact final width – now supports separate tablet and mobile device widths
  • Custom icons (magnifier, loading etc..) – color/selection options disabled when active
  • Accessibility: Search option labels now contain the label text (invisible) to comply with Wave checking tool (previous release had a CSS implemented to prepare this change)
  • IOS/Touch devices – clicking on the ‘More results’ button now does not close the results momentarily
  • CF/Taxonomy searchable drop-down filter – does no longer trigger the search when entering the search phrase
  • Keyword suggestions – Title/Tag/Tax suggestions now properly respect the passed options
  • Back-end: Changed the #preview selector to something more specific, to prevent conflicts with some other plugins
  • Attachment page URL forced correctly, when chosen
  • Vertical results: Hitting up/down keys, no longer prevent the screen scrolling, when the results scrollbar is not visible
  • Fixed an array declaration issue in the helpers file, that causes problems with some PHP versions/directives (from [] to array())
  • Custom uploaded loading icons now work properly
  • Custom field filters – empty custom field values are now properly checked
2019.01.16 – 4.14.6
  • Tablet item height for isotopic results is now correctly passed
  • Redirection to first results on enter key and magnifier events corrected
  • Duplication of search instances is now working again
  • Autocomplete & Suggestions – Post categories are now possible to use as source
  • User results – HTML properly stripped and removed, and description context enabled
  • Post Type Filters – correctly memorized when redirecting to the results page
  • Minor Typo fixes
  • Language files updated
2019.01.08 – 4.14.5
  • Separate Mobile, Tablet and Desktop search box width, and isotopic result width/height options
  • Results information box – it is now possible to display the phrase entered and the number of results found on top of the results list
  • get_asp_result_field($field) & the_asp_result_field($field) functions – Can be used in search.php theme file, within the loop. It returns the search result fields (such as the image, relevance etc..), that are exclusive to Ajax Search Pro.
  • ‘asp_init_search_bar’ event added, triggers when a search bar is initialized
  • [multisite] – Search instances are assigned ownership, and only the assigned admin or super admin can access them. (old search instances are assigned to ‘anyone’ in the admins group, super admin can change them)
  • PODs – Tested for Custom PODs relation to Post type extensions – searchable via the Index Table
  • Back-end UI improvements #1 – some inputs have changed, so that they automatically resize based on the input size.
  • Back-end UI improvements #2 – updates to option descriptions & more intuitiveness improvements
  • String translations for custom field filter values are now registered properly
  • Back-end: Options now correctly save when the server has a very low max_input_vars setting (<500) in effect, via a parse_str wrapper
  • Isotopic results – better & faster mobile orientation and browser resize event handling during displaying paginated results.
  • (ignored, not an issue) Post Format label is now available on the display mode list, under the taxonomy term filters panel
  • Search in ‘private’ posts is now only visible for users above editor capabilities
  • Theme Loader – Now properly resets some custom stylings
  • Custom Field Filters – Multi-select options now have an adjustable logic, just like checkboxes
  • The ‘No results’ and ‘Did you mean?’ back-end options now accept HTML tags.
2018.12.10 – 4.14.4
  • Gutenberg editor modules & compatibility test & WordPress 5.0 compatibility tested
  • New theme group – Max UI (instead of curvy)
  • Themes – Input background changes, on some themes, the input field background changed to transparent, to aviod confusion with the overall box background.
  • When tables are not created, the plugin now outputs the generated SQL and instructions to execute it in order to create the tables properly.
  • Advanced fields – Taxonomy syntax accepts more parameters: hide_empty, childless, hierarchical
  • Index Table – Now re-tries failed index queries, expecting a much fluid indexing process
  • Custom field date filter – ACF date field choice no longer displays an information message (yymmdd), as it is incorrect. (it works correctly)
  • Advanced fields – ACF choice field labels are displayed, when the field return mode is set to ‘Both’ (array)
  • Content type filter – ‘comments’ content type added, moved from the Generic filters section
  • “No results” bug – container no longer displayed when loading ‘more results’ (due to inaccurate or unset results count)
  • More results – no longer displayed, when clicking the close (x) icon, and re-entering the same phrase again
  • Date filter – the date picker now appears correctly on the back-end
  • More robust https detection, as in some cases incorrectly configured site URLs resulted in wrong protocol urls
  • Priority saving issue fix – affecting Multitisites only
  • User exclusion – now working with all/anonymous user options
  • Index table engine – Fixed a query format, when using the ‘OR’ keyword logic
  • Custom field checkboxes filter – fixed and issue where the ‘Exactly LIKE’ operator would not work correctly
2018.11.09 – 4.14.3 – Minor release
  • Filter by user meta support (including 3rd party, like UM support)
  • Advanced title and content fields supporting custom taxonomy terms
  • Option to Exclude taxonomy term results where the post count is 0 (empty terms).
  • WP 5.0 compatibility tested
  • Isotopic layout – Swiping over non-paginated items does no longer close the results list.
  • Meta filters – Slider and Range slider now automatically sets the handle values, when left empty on the back-end.
2018.10.27 – 4.14.2 – Minor release
  • When the search box visibility is disabled – facet change triggering search is no longer forced, as there is a search button available.
  • Minor script literal fix, for IE11 compatibility
  • noUi slider script updated
  • Range slider: mobile fixes – now correctly triggers on drag end events, drag size increased for better comfort
2018.10.08 – 4.14.1 – Minor release
  • ACF – get field error, on some rare configurations fixed
  • Post type options – no longer show some ACF related, template and form post types to avoid confusion
  • Better minification of the script files (~10%)
2018.10.06 – 4.14 – Major release
New features
  • Select all checkboxes option for custom field filters
  • Infinite scroll mode for the ‘Load more results’ feature
  • Option to explicitly disable isotopic layout navigation
  • More results loader icon added, when clicking on the more results link
  • Smoother scrolling with the scroll script
  • UI: Mobile keyboard now hides initially, but only when the results list first opens or is reopened.
  • Load more results fix – on auto-populate enabled, the default results limit is used, to prevent loading of incorrect items.
  • Isotopic layout – smoother appending new items to the end of the isotope list, as well as smarter column calculation
  • Product – Tags (2x) in the taxonomy terms list – these are no longer visible, as they are not actual product tags
  • ACF – Get fields function now includes another bypass, to fix some problems with custom field filters
  • Lazy loader script moved out of original scope for better compatibility
  • Attachment search fixed, where in some cases the search keywords were not applied
  • Minor cosmetic bugfixes
2018.09.03 – 4.13.4 – Minor release
New features
  • Cache method is now possible to choose: file (default) or database
  • Removed a commented code section, which caused WordFence to trigger a false positive match
2018.08.30 – 4.13.3 – Major release
New features
  • “Double Quotation” option as an exact matching feature for regular engine. When enabled, words in quotation marks are treated as a single term.
  • Localization of the back-end. The main .post file is under the /languages folder
  • Regular engine rework: Better cross-field keyword, and the the default search logic changed to AND.
  • Some redundant or un-used classes removed: wpdreamsBorderradius, wpdreamsBoxShadowMini, wpdreamsCustomContent, wpdreamsCustomTaxonomyTerm, wpdreamsCustomTaxonomyTermSel, wpdreamsDatePicker, wpdreamsFont, wpdreamsFontMini, wpdreamsImageParser, wpdreamsImageSettings, wpdreamsInfo, wpdreamsLabelPosition, wpdreamsOnOff, wpdreamsPageParents, wpdreamsSelect, wpdreamsSelectCategory, wpdreamsSelectTerm, wpdreamsTextareaIsParam, wpdreamsTextShadow, wpdreamsTextShadowMini, wpdreamsUploadReset
  • Removed many unused back-end scripts ~1MB
  • API methods – using classes instead of ID selectors for better compatibility
  • The database existence checker method is now case insensitive, as some databases may return a lower case DB via the ‘SHOW Tables’ query.
  • Right mouse button on results in FireFox – it no longer closes the results list.
  • Prevented shortcode to be executed on the back-end taxonomy listing pages (not happening in WordPress by default, only if a custom plugin allows shortcode in listings)
  • Single quotes and other special characters fixed on keyword exceptions list
  • Inline script and CSS contents are better trimmed from the result contents
  • Updater: update checks are less frequent, if the remote servers are not responding
  • Index Table: Shortcode extraction improvements
  • Results container animation fixes
  • Google Fonts are now loading correctly as defined under each font setting
  • ACF select/radio etc.. field values are now loading correctly within the custom field filters in all cases, even if the plugin shortcode is not executed in post context
2018.08.01 – 4.13.2 – Minor release
New features
  • Term meta table search option when searching for taxonomy terms
  • Advanced title & Content fields now support additional field variables: {__content}, {__title}, {__image}, {__link} – These variables return the corresponding result field
  • ‘asp_noajax_results’ filter added – executed before passing the non-ajax results to the results page
  • Protocol relative enqueue_scripts & enqueue_styles replaced with the protocol version: Let the Cache/Minify solutions decide to remove/keep the protocol string or not.
  • Notification: to enable index table on search instances, when index table first generated
  • The ‘inherit’ font option now properly saves and loads
  • Taxonomy Term word length query issue fixed
  • Elementor plugin compatibility – Fixed an issue with Elementor customized search page, where the override was not working
  • Term exclusions now work properly, when a radio/select filter is in use for the same taxonomy
  • File attachment thumbnail images are now parsed correctly, if they exist (ex.: PDF images)
2018.06.20 – 4.13.1 – Major release
New features
  • Search button as a ‘filter’
  • Peepso groups and activities search integration
  • Option: Attachment results can point to the parent (attached) post URL
  • Advanced title and content fields recognize The Events Calendar and Events Manager custom fields, and displays the dates in correct date format.
  • Some styles/Options reworked on the back-end for easier, more convenient usage
  • Font options: entering custom fonts is now possible
  • Info message about possible cookies
  • ‘Load more’ action ‘ajax results’ now properly disabled when not available
  • Index table – custom fields below length of 50 characters are now indexed with and without space characters as well (ex. field ‘001 002 003’ indexed as -> ‘001’, ‘002’, ‘003’ and ‘001002003’)
  • Index Table Cron option -> Now allows 2, 3, 5, 15, 30 minute cron job intervals
  • WCAG compliance improvements – aria-label and aria-hidden attributes added where possible
  • Categories Images plugin support for parsing taxonomy term images
  • Default image for non post-type results is now showing (terms, users, attachments) correctly
  • Custom field {get_values} syntax now orders the fields alphabetically, in ascending order
  • Category Filter -> Display mode -> Placeholder text for multiselect & Search text no longer resets upon saving multiple times
  • Category Filter -> Display mode -> “Select All” text no longer resets to empty string
  • Media Attachment indexing – only one document is indexed per iteration for better performance
  • Media attachment indexing (including images) – Cron automatically enables (5 min. interval), when media attachment content indexing is enabled
  • Index table generator – detection of long requests, and automatically lowering the limits
  • Fixed a bug where empty queries resulted in an error message
  • Slider/Range slider width now following the column width
  • Fixed a Hidden Search form bug -> When No field selected under General Options -> Sources = No results
  • Better index table quote detection
  • Synonyms with apostrophes are stored correctly without backslash now
  • qTranslate fix for term descriptions
  • WPML Query fix for taxonomy term results
  • Fixed some search bar Themes
  • The term results count is not correct when using Primary + Secondary logic
  • Index table – single indexed titles now include an apostropheless version as well
  • Featured image source size now affects attachments as well
2018.04.26 – 4.13 – Major release
  • Synonims for Index table engine
  • Indexing media attachment contents: Text, CSV, PDF, RTF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint document files content indexing is now possible
  • Live results loader feature for the results page
  • Lazy loader jQuery script for results images
  • New API method to get the URL to the current filter states: ASP.api(id, ‘getStateURL’);
  • Index table post type selector
  • Index table index bug – where some singe word post titles might not be indexed individually
  • Date filter bug (wrong date inclusion)
  • Range slider issue on Mobile devices
  • jQuery 3+ compatibility
  • Image cache is now working on attachment, tag etc.. results
  • Documentation links fix for the new documentation domain
  • Custom scrollbar – Mobile scroll difficulties fixed
  • More redundant clone detection and fixing method (usually in mobile menus)
  • “Try these” keywords with apostrophes – properly escaped
  • “No results” text and apostrophes – properly escaped
2018.03.20 – 4.12.2 – Minor bugfix release
  • Plugin scritps/styles can be loaded selectively on certain pages
  • Post type and Content type CSS classes to results output
  • Index table Pool sizes are now dynamically adjusted by the plugin, but can be adjusted manually as well
  • Minimum word length option – to increase perormance
  • Range slider values can be automatically parsed from DB
  • On connection failure, the plugin will show a message.
  • Custom field search alignment on Frontend Search settings fixed
  • Trigger live search on enter key is now working (if trigger on type is disabled)
  • Redirect results to the first on enter/click is now working
  • The ‘Close’ icon now displays whenever there is a phrase entered and the input is focused
  • Major Index table performance issue fixes: the pool size was too big for short phrases | title query optimized and reworked
  • Minimum word length introduced for separate keywords – increasing the performance in some cases dramatically
  • the_title filter in index table class now applied with the correct number of arguments (2)
2018.02.23 – 4.12 – Major release
  • Priority Groups – Prioritizing results based on taxonomy terms and custom field rules is now possible.
  • Max-height attribute to vertical results theme options (default: auto)
  • Added ‘Empty background’ to isotopic results if no image is found option
  • “Choose any” option for Post type filters
  • Hide completed items Delete…
  • Isotope item width allowing pixels + rows calculation based on that
  • ‘keyup’ event handler changed to ‘input’ due to better compatibility with IOS mobile devices
  • The WP default search query is now definitely cancelled, whenever the override is detected.
  • Autocomplete notices no longer appear
  • User search, advanced fields – supporting conditional brackets and ACF
  • Extended phpDocumentor comments within the code
  • Cache & ‘load more’ results feature conflict fix
  • Term search content HTML stripping and closing added
  • Results, settings (cases when search bar is in a fixed header) and compact box scroll delay removed
  • Browser back-state and Compact layout conflict fix (no longer triggers auto search)
  • Index Table engine bugfix – The selected fields on the regular engine no longer affect the index table engine.
  • Index Table and the Generic Selectors (search in title, content and excerpt) now work together as expected
  • Backend – Generic Selector option fix – When removing an option, did not update correctly
  • Fixed container detection – The results and settings container no longer ‘jumps’ when the search bar is placed in a fixed container.
  • Mobile fixes – Compact layout now properly fixates to the site, the scrolling is smoother as well
2018.02.27 – 4.12.1 – Minor bugfix release
  • A result width calculation fix on block layouts
  • Result box position calculation fix, when logged in, or the document body is moved
  • Result image dimensions calculation fix (integer parsing error)
2018.02.23 – 4.12 – Major release
  • Priority Groups – Prioritizing results based on taxonomy terms and custom field rules is now possible.
  • Max-height attribute to vertical results theme options (default: auto)
  • Added ‘Empty background’ to isotopic results if no image is found option
  • “Choose any” option for Post type filters
  • Hide completed items Delete…
  • Isotope item width allowing pixels + rows calculation based on that
  • ‘keyup’ event handler changed to ‘input’ due to better compatibility with IOS mobile devices
  • The WP default search query is now definitely cancelled, whenever the override is detected.
  • Autocomplete notices no longer appear
  • User search, advanced fields – supporting conditional brackets and ACF
  • Extended phpDocumentor comments within the code
  • Cache & ‘load more’ results feature conflict fix
  • Term search content HTML stripping and closing added
  • Results, settings (cases when search bar is in a fixed header) and compact box scroll delay removed
  • Browser back-state and Compact layout conflict fix (no longer triggers auto search)
  • Index Table engine bugfix – The selected fields on the regular engine no longer affect the index table engine.
  • Index Table and the Generic Selectors (search in title, content and excerpt) now work together as expected
  • Backend – Generic Selector option fix – When removing an option, did not update correctly
  • Fixed container detection – The results and settings container no longer ‘jumps’ when the search bar is placed in a fixed container.
  • Mobile fixes – Compact layout now properly fixates to the site, the scrolling is smoother as well
2018.01.12 – 4.11.10 – Major bugfix release
  • Filtering by content type is added
  • Filter box header for generic selectors
  • .label and .option classes removed
  • Replace old CSS selectors with shorthand classes in style.basic.css
  • Some option names changed for better understanding
  • Post format ‘standard’ is now present in the filter list.
  • WPML/Polylang/qTranslateX current language affects the google keyword suggestions language
  • Custom post type filters are no longer in effect when set to invisible (radio mode + selected post types causing the problem,
  • Search default override does not affect the back-end search anymore (issue in 4.11.9 only)
  • Back-end meta box was too wide
  • JS Retain popstate (browser back button trigger) option now works properly
  • A clipping issue with the chosen script
  • When live search is disabled, autocomple will no longer trigger it incorrectly
2017.12.12 – 4.11.9 – Major bugfix release
  • Option to hide settings box on hovering layout, when results display (enabled)
  • Browser back-button retain phrase if entered + mobile tests
  • Exact matching location option: anywhere, starting with the phrase or ending with the phrase
  • Settings and Results box data-id and data-instance set
  • The default style.basic.css file replaced with a minified version (saving ~10% space)
  • Minify CSS option added to the Compatibility settings panel
  • Better title match relevance calculation (exact matching > starts with matching > random matching)
  • “Search in posts” and “Search in pages” option merged to “Search in custom post types”
  • Include post by tags is now possible, using the include by taxonomy terms option
  • The default search override now applies when the search page is visited via URL: ../?s=phrase
  • Results page override is enabled by default
  • Frontend search settings disabled by default
  • Checkboxes no longer trigger during scroll on touch devices
  • Custom field DatePicker now triggers the search as it supposed to
  • The keyword highlighter script now supports Unicode character sets
  • ACF5 & MySQL datetime fields are the same, changed to one. ACF4 changed to ACF Date picker, ACF5 to ACF DateTime picker
  • Asynch CSS loader – Flash of Unstyled Content elemination, faster & smoother loading Isotopic mobile
  • Fixed a mobile focus/scroll issue on multi-instance setups
  • Further RTL fixes
  • Node Copy detection (especially in menus) and fix in most cases
  • When there is a Tax Term inclusion the logic adopts towards more expected results
  • Use Index Table for attachments search
  • Instance Init overhead reduced – instances table existence check cache
2017.11.23 – 4.11.8 – Minor bugfix release
  • $id and $real_id passed with asp_print_search_query filter
  • option and .label class deprecated due to non-specific name (will be removed in 4.12). Replaced by asp_option_inner and .asp_option_label classes
  • Shorthand class names introduced for global, main box, results, settings and block settings boxes with names: asp_w, asp_m, asp_r, asp_s and asp_sb
  • ~10% CSS decrease due to shorthand classes
  • Attachments search – ordering by custom field allowed
  • Re-count the results after executing the result filters, so the pagination is correct on the results page
  • Date filter not triggering live search
  • WPML permalink incorrect, apply wpml_permalink filter
  • CSS fixes on labels within the form
2017.11.10 – 4.11.7 – Minor release
  • Search redirect to URL and Show more custom URL: {custom_field} for radio, drop-down and input fields can be passed as argument
  • Allowed filtering by custom fields for Media attachments (option, disabled by default)
  • Isotopic layout no longer resets on scrolling the mobile screen
  • WPML and Multisite search issue fixed
  • Fixed an error where WPML and String translations throws an error on latest WP (WPML String translation issue, please update it)
  • Back-end accessibility improvements
  • [no-keyword] strings removed from top and last search widgests
  • Theme Chooser: An import issue fixed; Minor optimizations
  • A duplicate ID removed from the isotopic navigation
2017.10.20 – 4.11.6 – Major release
  • jQuery choosen implementation
  • {_tax_price} variable in advanced fields, displaying the product price with tax in WooCommerce
  • Warning message wrapper – Pop up Continue,Cancel that is triggered on certain events.
  • Back-end: Only options for the current result layout type will be displayed, instad of all
  • EQUAL OR LESS, EQUAL OR MORE operators now available for the custom field filter option
  • Better visibility (high contrast) mode on the back-end
  • Custom field filter {get_values} variable now can parse ACF multiselect field choices
  • User meta search and select field
  • Input select and multiselect CSS fixes
  • Settings checkbox background simplifications
  • mb_convert_encoding existence check on image content parser
  • create_chmod function will use the File System wrapper in all cases during the activation process
  • ‘No results text’ apostrophe and escaping fixes
  • ‘No results text’ – using [ for {phrase}] syntax.
  • z-index issues on back-end narrow screens
  • ‘Try these’ keywords comma after last word
  • Empty string checks during Index Table tokenization process
  • Text custom field – on keyup trigger a change event, prevent return event as well.
2017.09.15 – 4.11.5 – Minor, bugfix release
  • New themes: Filled red, blue and grey
  • Close icon now can be styled
  • The plugin meta box is now adjustable to be displayed on chosen post types only
  • Themes are now more organized
  • Auto populate can now order randomly
  • The theme loader is now much faster, themes sizes are reduced
  • Saving the compatibility options will remain on the active panel
  • Excluding and including taxonomy terms on the advanced panel no longer displays the ‘Use all’ option
  • WP_Filesystem() is no longer initalized upon loading, only on actions and requests
  • Custom Field filters now support multiple fields with the same keys
2017.08.26 – 4.11.4 – Minor, bugfix release
Added Fixed
  • Category and term exclusions fix when allowing empty filters is enabled (enabled by default)
  • Settings drop down no displays below the magnifier if the settings icon disabled
2017.08.21 – 4.11.3 – Minor, bugfix release
  • Magnifier, return button, and ‘show more’ link redirection can be made to a new browser tab
  • Custom field selectors now support getting the custom field values from the DB by using the {get_values} variable
  • The minimum width of the search box is now 140px instead of the previous 240px
  • A bug with touch enabled notebooks with mouse, where checkboxes were not working
  • Isotopic navigation and item redirection on IOS devices
  • ASP_URL constant replaced with ASP_URL_NP to support non-protocol loading of assets
  • Some additional problematic shortcodes excluded from index table parser
  • Tag and term suggestion count is now respected
  • :after and :before attributes from inputs in search and form
2017.08.07 – 4.11.2 – Minor, bugfix release
  • New option to ignore checkbox filters, if nothing is selected
  • Index table can now exectute shortcodes within post excertp field
  • Missing price tag on variable products is now displayed correctly
  • Checkbox bugs on mobile devices
  • Built in bfi_thumb library no longer adds actions to wordpress
2017.08.02 – 4.11.1 – Minor, bugfix release
  • Custom field filter – empty fields – now existing fields with empty string values are considired as ’empty’ as well
  • [F1-F12] button triggers disabled
  • Faster escaping method
  • Last successful search is now better regocnized on empty phrases
  • IOS Safari: Compact box closing fix on document click
  • IOS Safari: Zoom prevention on input focus
  • Title, term and tag suggestions now respect exclusions
  • WPML and product variations – now not displaying from incorrect languages
  • WPML redirection to results page – fixed a bug where the query arguments were incorrect
  • Generic front-end selectors: If the the front-end options are disabled, their values are no longer in use
  • Context find fix – where with an empty phrase the search would return the full description in some cases
2017.07.14 – 4.11 – Major release
  • Exception filter, so the plugin can be terminated at a certain point
  • A ‘_keyword_count_limit’ argument, to limit the effective phrase count
  • Conditional advanced title and description fields, ex.: [prefix text {field} suffix] will only display if ‘field’ custom field is not empty
  • Advanced title & description fields: WooCommerce ‘_price’, ‘_regular_price’, ‘_sale_price’ fields are automatically recognized and displayed formatted with currency
  • ACF get_field() compatibility switch to the Compatibility options submenu
  • A ‘Disable all fonts’ switch to the Compatibility options submenu
  • Maintenance submenu: plugin resetting and wiping (full uninstall) features
  • Generic front-end options (Exact matches, Search in title, etc..) can be better modified via a new option layout on the back-end
  • The redirection URL has a better structure
  • The ‘show more’ results opions are simplified
  • The commas between ‘try these’ phrases are now pseudo selectors
  • Isotope script update to 3.0.4 (scoped)
  • Search statistics are now only recorded after successful searches, as a separate process
  • Checkboxes bugfix
  • Min width of the search set to 140px
  • Post status fixes for the index table
  • The SVG files are optimized
  • The redirection did not work correctly on 0 characters entered
  • IE 11 and Edge isotopic results click fix
  • Page exclusion option – non-published objects were invisible
  • WooCommerce notices and deprecated functions removed
  • Isotopic results pagination fix
  • RTL layout with isotopic script
2017.06.01 – 4.10.5 – Minor bugfix release
  • Empty groups can be displayed
  • Old browser compatibility can be disabled
  • HTML Entity decoding on certain events
  • Mobile browser issue, when suggested keywords wouldn’t work
  • Preview mode fix for some rare cases
  • min-width attribute to prevent collapsing box in small containers
2017.05.23 – 4.10.4 – Major bugfix release
  • Searching users by email address
  • A post parent ID parameter for the asp_query_args filter
  • Blueprints for the future feature: instant suggestions
  • RTL layout should be much better now
  • A performance issue related to custom field filters
  • Isotope layout, middle mouse button click now reacts
  • ACF 5 date field filtering updated to mysql datetime